Why you should try Happy Bee
Sanitise hands and various surfaces to better avoid illness causing germs
No synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, triclosan or EDTA
Plant-based, vegan and cruelty free
Naturally scented with organic sweet orange and lavender oil
Australian made and owned
Recyclable aluminium bottles
Eco-friendly refills that can be returned to us for reuse and gift cards
Carbon neutral shipping in certified compostable mail bags

    Our Story

    Happy Bee Botanical’s founder, Chanel Jones, started Happy Bee in June 2019 after discovering the hand sanitiser her family was using contained ingredients that potentially lowered immunity, disrupted hormones and bred super bugs, and so decided to create her own.

     "When my son was 2 he became prone to severe croup - a respiratory condition caused by a highly contagious virus. This resulted in multiple ambulance trips to ER and many anxious and sleepless nights. Because there was no warning beforehand, treatment was difficult to obtain in time and prevention was our best option. I started researching virus transmission and became more conscious about hand hygiene. After months of applying a hand sanitiser every day, I was shocked to learned that it contained triclosan and other harsh toxins that could potentially cause immunity issues and allergies. It was then I decided to make my own natural version. I worked with chemist for a year to formulate sanitisers that were not only effective but that the whole family could use with complete peace of mind."


    For every 'Bundle' purchased we donate $1 to Greening Australia to help create greener and more liveable cities and to support our native bees in Australia. We also support organic farming and use ingredients from sustainable sources. 

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