Your daily guide for Happy Bee sprays


  • LINEN - Spray your clothes with linen sanitiser before going out. It gives your mood a boost and makes your clothes smell extra fresh
  • LINEN - Sanitise car seats and prams before starting the day


  • HAND - Sanitise your hands before you enter the office, school, shop or any public space
  • SURFACE - Spray and wipe down your work desk / areas before you begin work


  • SURFACE - Spray and wipe down your dining table for extra protection
  • HAND - After washing with soap and water, sanitise hands before and after eating
  • LINEN - Spray your hand bag / shopping bags / school bags with linen spray
  • SURFACE - Spray keys, phone and hand held devices with surface spray before bringing them back into your home


  • LINEN - Spray your sheets and pillows with linen sanitiser to combat microbes and get a restful sleep by breathing in the aromatherapeutic essential oils