A closer look at our antibacterial ingredients

Happy Bee proudly formulates our products with 100% natural ingredients that are both gentle and effective in protecting you from germs. To ensure quality, we opt for organic ingredients wherever possible and source all ingredients within Australia. 


Plant-based ethanol (ethyl alcohol): This is our key ingredient that kills 99.9% by dissolving the membranes of virus and bacteria cells. Our alcohol is locally sourced, plant-based and contains no additives or toxic denaturants. 

Sweet orange essential oil: Has antibacterial properties. Provides a mood lifting aroma

Palmarosa essential oil: Has antiseptic properties and is commonly used to treat skin problems due to its hydrating properties. 

Lavender essential oil:  Has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and demonstrates anti-fungal activity on a wide spectrum. Provides a calming aroma. 


Hand sanitiser is great, but washing hands with soap and water is the most effective in killing germs. Our hand wash contains the above essential oils, plus:

Aloe vera: Moisturises, soothes and hydrates skin.
Agave nectar:  Has antibacterial properties and soothes irritated skin. 



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