Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! Our main active ingredient is plant-derived ethanol (alcohol) plus we have added powerful antimicrobial essential oils that are safe for all ages and aromatherapeutic.

Our hand sanitiser contains 70% alcohol as recommended by the World Health Organisation and Department of Health. 

They are made in are shipped from Perth, Western Australia.

Yes, Happy Bee products are safe to use during pregnancy. 

The hand sanitiser, due to the high levels of alcohol, is not recommended for children under 2 due to their delicate skin. Please supervise usage for children under 6 and always store bottles and refill pouches out of reach of children.

When stored at room temperature, Happy Bee sanitisers and hand wash have a shelf life of 2 years; and the hand oil lasts 1 year.

Yes. Our products are plant-based and non-toxic and our essential oils are safe for pregnancy. Our hand sanitiser formula does contain high levels of alcohol, but this evaporates quickly from the surface of the skin. 


Yes, any item can be returned/refunded if you contact us within 21 days of purchase. If you have an issue with your product, please contact us to discuss on and include your order number and product details in the email.


Orders generally take up to 4 business days to be delivered within WA and up to 8 business days to all other metro areas within Australia. Unfortunately we cannot offer express shipping due to the flammability of the hand sanitiser.

See our Shipping page for more details. 

Yes. The small Happy Bee sanitisers and refills are 100ml and under so can be taken on most major airlines in your carry on luggage. Always double check baggage restrictions for policy updates. 

Standard shipping within Australia is $8.95 and we offer FREE shipping for orders over $30. See our Shipping page for more details. 


Please email with your business details.